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The farm to table is the basis of our principles, using this we select the best of local food products and wine production.

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Genius Loci

Those coming down the winding road of San Rocco, arrive at the bridge of the river Lente and turn their eyes to their left ...

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The Cellar

The WINE LIST "L'OttavaRima" focuses on a range of products sourced for producers within the Tuscan Maremma borders...

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News and Events

Book presentations, poetry and literary readings, opening of exhibitions, theme dinners, and more to follow on this page.

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Media Gallery

Photos and videos of the L'OttavaRima's activities and convivial setting...

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About US

Food Guides, magazine and books who have reviewed us.

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In the bottaio(cask room), the last room dug into the tufa cellar, we have set up an exhibition space "THE SECOND SKY"

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For information insights and reservations, it is possible to conctat us directly via this page..

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How to arrive:

We are situated exactly on the western side of the historical centre, called the Borgo, in the street bearing the same name (number 25). Once in Sorano, you can park near or in the town square and walk through the main street (via Selvi) and once you have passed through the Ferrini arch; all of the steps that go down to the left lead towards “via del Borgo” and then to us. If you want to arrive a little closer by car, you have to head towards Sovana on the road which has the petrol station on your right ; you proceed along a long straight at the end of which is a sharp bend, which lets you see a beautiful panoramic view of the town, then a second and final straight , at the end of which, on your right ,is an entrance to a small square from where you can see a narrow road which leads into to the car park, just 80 meters from the local.